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You don’t have to be Irish to have “Luck”

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day can be fun….music, dancing, and feeling good.

The question I pose is – are you ready to make your own luck or, even, are you ready to take advantage of luck or good fortune when opportunities comes along? If you know what your objective is, and have begun to take steps to achieve it, you will be. Contact me to see if I may help you get there.

Today is International Women’s Day!

Women, what are you doing this month to empower yourself and move forward in your life? Is it time to seriously consider taking a summer class or plan some leisure time for the upcoming clear weather? Are you on track with your New Year’s resolutions? If you would like to talk with an objective listener who could provide some additional motivation, give me a call for a brief, free phone consultation, to see if I could help.

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March Fourth (4th) or March Forth?

Today is March Fourth! Will it be just another March 4th for you or will it be your first step in Marching forth? Okay, I hope that receives a smile more than a groan but either is fine. Seriously though, have you been putting off making some changes or progress in your life that you want to make? Perhaps it’s about returning to school, getting more training, renewing your job search, ending a relationship, looking for a partner, considering more satisfying retirement activities, sticking to a study schedule, finishing a degree, making new friends, choosing more healthy habits, or many other personal objectives you may have. Let my life coaching service help you. Contact me for further information. I look forward to hearing from you!