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Your comfortable space to focus on you is waiting!




Stressed at WORK and thinking about making CHANGES?

Needing help to become aware of your best Assets, SKILLS, and Accomplishments for EMPLOYMENT?

Job Seeking and need a RESUME, CURRICULUM VITAE, or help writing Cover and Thank You LETTERS?

Wanting someone with whom to practice INTERVIEWING who will give you gentle but honest FEEDBACK?

A new GRADUATE from High School or College and Undecided about further EDUCATION, Training or a CAREER Direction?

Close to RETIREMENT and wondering What’s Next for your new Life STAGE as a SENIOR?

  • Retired, rested, caught up, and thinking about new CHALLENGES or Activities?
  • Currently a STUDENT and need help Choosing a MAJOR?
  • In need of a STUDY Plan to Improve your GRADES?
  • Wanting to MOVE OUT of your Parents’ home and get a more INDEPENDENT Life?
  • Recovered from or Amicably DIVORCED and ready to take STEPS to TRANSITION to a new Life?


I have professional experience assisting with the above matters PLUS MORE. It can sometimes help to have someone to talk things out with, work on setting up a plan, check in, and if you choose, hold you accountable.


Please Note: I do Not treat children nor do couples therapy.
However, contact me if you are a couple or team who are unified in their goals and ready for the planning stage.